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OK, so you’ve arrived at this blog and, hopefully, you should already be sold on the idea of buying a vacuum food sealer. After all, given the title, we’re hardly likely to be the kind of folks that won’t use or recommend these devices.

But, it may not be obvious why you actually want (or need) to buy one. Looking back at my mailbox, I can see that you often raise the same question; why should I use a food vacuum sealer? Well, hopefully I can explain the reasons now.

Let’s assume you dont own one. If that’s the case then maybe you just don’t see the point – right? After all, haven’t you managed just fine up till now? Well, thats what I used to think but, and I dont want to sound overly dramatic here, but my life did, quite literally change after I bought my first vacuum food sealer.

You see, its not just a device for sealing food – although, of course, it is 🙂 – its also the one piece of kitchen equipment that changed my buying habits and enabled me to try a whole new kind of cooking. Heck, its even saved me dozens, or maybe, hundreds of times what it cost in real terms over the years.

So, lets take a quick look at what a vacuum food sealer is, how it works and why you need one in your life.

How Does A Vacuum Food Sealer Work?

Vacuum food sealers work on a very simple principle. By sealing food away from the outside environment, bacteria doesn’t get the chance to grow and, so, the food doesn’t spoil as quickly. You can imagine, in hot countries, for example, when food is left out how quickly it degrades

The first thing you need is a special bag, which can be purchased in quart or gallon sizes, or even on rolls that you can cut to your own custom sizes.

You put the food in the bag, place the opening inside the unit, close the lid and turn it on. Air is then sucked out of the bag, and when there isn’t any more air, the machine automatically seals the top of the bag while maintaining the vacuum.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.

The end result is food that sealed food takes up less space and lasts longer – even if its not frozen. If you put sealed food into the freezer it can last almost indefinitely and wont suffer from freezer burn either.

why should I use a food vacuum sealer?

You can seal just about anything with a food vacuum sealer including meat, vegetables, fish and even fruit.

Because food lasts for much longer you can also buy it in bulk and save money.

So, let’s say there is a good deal on meat. Normally, you may not be able to take advantage of these deals, because the meat would spoil before you have a chance to use it all, even if it was kept in the freezer. However, with a sealer, you can take advantage of these offers, because you can buy that roast, have it cut up (or do it yourself) then seal it and store it in the freezer for six months or more.

With a food vacuum sealer you will also significantly cut down on waste food. You can buy your food bulk, divide the food into different meals, then use your vacuum sealer to seal up these portions for later use. These can be put in the freezer, and with the sealer, there is no worries about freezer burn from moisture and air being in the bag.

This not only saves the meat you buy, but gives you more control over the portions your family is eating.

Great for Outdoor Living

MOTORHOME RV In Chilean landscape in Andes. Family trip traval vacation in mauntains.

A food vacuum sealer is also a campers or RV owners companion. There are many problems with using an ice chest when you are camping or out in the wilderness. One of the biggest is keeping chest water out of your food. The longer the food is sitting in the ice box, the more likely it will be contaminated from water getting into your meat or cheese, or the bags leaking out into the water. Then there is how long the food itself will last as well.

With a food sealer, the air is removed, the bags are completely sealed, and there is no chance of contamination. Food that is sealed has a better chance of lasting longer, tasting better, and not be wasted.

Things To Consider

When it comes to a food vacuum sealer, there are several things you should consider. One is the amount of food (as well as its volume, consistency and shape) you are going to seal. If you have a large family, are into canning and preserving your garden vegetables, you may want to consider a commercial grade vacuum sealer.

The motor on these is much more powerful and reliable, and it will easily handle the larger volume of applications.

The Stew
The Stew

Similarly, if you want to store larger items of food or ones which contain a lot of liquid, such as stews, then you could also look at getting a chamber vacuum sealer. These are more expensive than your standard vacuum food sealers but they work in a different way. You can read about chamber vacuum food sealers here.

Final Thoughts

Buying a good quality vacuum food sealer is a worthwhile investment for any chef. Chances are you will not only save more than it costs over time but you can also experiment with some new, exciting methods of cooking such as sous vide.

Food sealers also have a number of accessories, like the ability to seal jars, or even sealing clothes. You want to buy a food sealer that is going to have the features and abilities you need.

You can find food sealers from many local retailers, but for the best prices and selection your best bet is to check out our reviews.

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