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5 Best Handheld Food Vacuum Sealers to Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

top rated handheld vacuum sealers

Imagine your kitchen as a fortress, and food spoilage as the relentless invader. You’re the vigilant protector, and a handheld food vacuum sealer is your trusty sword, keeping freshness in and staleness out.

You’ve likely experienced the disappointment of discovering wilted greens or freezer-burned meat that you forgot at the back of your fridge or freezer. It’s not just about waste; it’s about enjoying your food at its peak.

That’s where a reliable vacuum sealer comes into play, and you’re in luck because we’ve narrowed down the top five handheld options that promise to shield your provisions effectively. From the ultra-convenient and cordless designs to those that come with an arsenal of accessories, each contender has unique features to suit your culinary needs.

But before you choose your champion, let’s explore what sets these sealers apart and how they can transform the way you preserve your food. Stay tuned to uncover the critical factors that will guide you to make an informed decision, ensuring that every bite you take remains as fresh as the day it was sealed.

FoodSaver FS2180 Multi-Use Handheld Vacuum Sealer

versatile handheld vacuum sealer

If you’re looking to effortlessly extend the shelf life of your meals and ingredients, the FoodSaver FS2180 Multi-Use Handheld Vacuum Sealer, with its easy-to-use vacuum and marinate modes, is an essential tool for any kitchen.

This lightweight champion isn’t just good for locking in freshness; it’s a marinating master, infusing flavors in minutes. Its compact, cordless design means it won’t hog precious counter space and tucks away easily when you’re done. Plus, it comes with a handy charging dock, so it’s always ready for action.

With the included bags and container, you’ll be sealing, storing, and savoring your food like a pro. And when it gets a little messy, the removable liquid reservoir makes cleanup a breeze.

Best For: People who want to efficiently preserve food, enhance their meal prep, and quickly marinate dishes without cluttering the kitchen.


  • Portable and easy to use, facilitating on-the-go sealing.
  • Versatile functionalities for both vacuum sealing and marinating.
  • Comes with a convenient charging dock and necessary accessories to get started.


  • Some users have reported issues with the vacuum function over time.

FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer, Handheld

cordless handheld food vacuum

For the on-the-go food enthusiast or small kitchen dweller, the FoodSaver 31161370 Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer offers a compact and powerful solution for extending the freshness of your foods.

This handheld device is a game-changer, allowing you to seal up to 60 1-quart bags on a single full charge. You’ll find it incredibly easy to use with its efficient vacuum technology that quickly removes excess air, ensuring your food stays fresh longer.

The neat charging base keeps your countertop tidy, doubling as a cord management system. It’s compatible with all FoodSaver vacuum zipper bags and accessories, making it versatile for your food storage needs. Plus, it comes with four 1-quart vacuum seal zipper bags to get you started.

Whether you’re meal prepping or storing leftovers, this portable sealer is a practical addition to your kitchen gadgets.

Best For: Small kitchens or those who require a portable, space-saving food preservation solution.


  • Compact and cordless design for convenient storage and use anywhere.
  • Capable of sealing up to 60 1-quart bags on a full charge, enhancing meal prep efficiency.
  • Compatible with all FoodSaver vacuum zipper bags and accessories for versatile food storage options.


  • Some users have reported durability issues with the unit breaking over time.

FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine with Handheld Sealer & Accessories

food preservation made easy

Those looking to extend the shelf life of their food significantly will find the FoodSaver FM2100 Manual Vacuum Sealing System with its dual heat sealing strips and compatibility with various accessories an ideal solution. This system isn’t just about keeping your freezer organized; it’s a game-changer for preserving your food for up to three years in the freezer and weeks in the fridge. You’ll appreciate its built-in roll cutter that minimizes bag waste, ensuring you use exactly what you need.

The FoodSaver FM2100 is designed for practicality, featuring a Fresh Handheld Sealer for those quick sealing jobs, and it comes with a vacuum seal roll and pre-cut bags to get you started. With its automatic operation and consistent sealing capabilities, backed by glowing customer reviews, you’re set for a hassle-free food saving experience.

Best For: Individuals or families looking to preserve the freshness and longevity of a variety of foods ranging from dry goods to moist items and even soups.


  • Dual heat sealing strips ensure an air-tight seal, extending food’s shelf life significantly.
  • The built-in roll cutter minimizes bag material use, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • The system’s compatibility with a handheld sealer and various accessories provides versatility for different sealing needs.


  • The initial cost may be considered high for those on a tight budget.

Electrolux Handheld Rechargeable Food Sealer and Vacuum Pump (23EVSL01AY) with Reusable Bags

handheld rechargeable food sealer

Culinary enthusiasts looking to preserve the natural flavors of their ingredients will find the Electrolux Handheld 23EVSL01AY Rechargeable Food Sealer and Vacuum Pump with its one-touch automatic vacuum sealing a perfect kitchen companion. This petite powerhouse stops automatically once the ideal vacuum seal is achieved, ensuring your food’s freshness is locked in without guesswork. It’s not only easy to handle but also compact enough to tuck away in a kitchen drawer.

With up to 150 cycles on a single charge, you won’t be tethered to an outlet every time you need to seal something up. The kit’s 10 reusable bags are a boon for sous vide aficionados and those keen on reducing waste. However, keep in mind that some users have raised concerns about the availability of replacement bags and the sizes offered.

Best For: Home chefs and food preservation enthusiasts who value convenience and sustainability in their kitchen gadgets.


  • One-touch operation simplifies the vacuum sealing process, making it efficient and user-friendly.
  • Portability and compact design allow for easy storage and minimize kitchen clutter.
  • Reusable bags align with eco-friendly practices and can support sous vide cooking methods.


  • Limited availability of replacement bags could pose an inconvenience to the user.

Domsanistor Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine (Automatic & Portable)

domsanistor vacuum sealer review

If you’re looking for a way to keep your food fresh longer, the Domsanistor Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine, with its powerful 60Kpa suction, offers an automatic and portable solution perfect for your needs. In just 5-10 seconds, it can significantly extend the shelf life of your food. With a one-touch switch and an automatic stop function, this device is designed for ease of use. It’s lightweight, and since it’s battery-powered, you can take it wherever you go—though you’ll have to supply the 4 AA batteries yourself.

Users have praised its strong suction and user-friendly bags, though some have experienced issues with sealing specific items like coffee beans. Despite these limitations, it’s recommended for its effectiveness against freezer burn and is an affordable option compared to pricier models.

Best For: Individuals seeking a convenient and portable solution to extend the shelf life of various foods, without investing in an expensive vacuum sealer.


  • Strong suction power capable of vacuum degassing in 5-10 seconds
  • Easy one-touch operation with an automatic stop function for user convenience
  • Portable and battery-powered, making it suitable for use away from power outlets


  • Requires the purchase of 4 AA batteries, as they aren’t included

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer

choosing a handheld food vacuum sealer

When you’re in the market for a handheld food vacuum sealer, you’ll want to ensure it meets your needs.

Consider how well it seals, the longevity of its battery, and whether it’s compatible with various bag types.

Don’t forget to weigh its portability and how user-friendly it is—after all, you’ll be the one using it!

Sealing Performance

To ensure your food stays fresh longer, consider the sealing performance of a handheld vacuum sealer. This performance hinges on factors like vacuum strength, sealing speed, and the reliability of maintaining a strong seal over time.

You’ll want a device that sucks out air efficiently and seals quickly, reducing the risk of air pockets that can spoil your food. Look for sealers that work well with a variety of bags and containers, offering you flexibility in what you can preserve.

Consistent performance is key, so choose a sealer that delivers time after time, regardless of whether you’re sealing meats, vegetables, or dry goods. A reliable vacuum sealer that holds up with repeated use is a smart investment, keeping your food’s flavor and nutrition locked in for when you’re ready to enjoy it.

Battery Life

Assessing the battery life of a handheld food vacuum sealer is crucial, as it determines how often you can use the device before needing a recharge. You’ll want to opt for a model with a long-lasting battery that can seal multiple bags on a single charge, ensuring you save both time and effort. Make sure it packs enough suction power to effectively remove air, which is essential for preserving your food’s freshness.

Also, consider whether the sealer requires specific batteries and think about the cost and availability of replacements. The battery life directly affects the sealer’s portability and practicality, so it’s important to balance your need for convenience with the practical aspects of maintaining the device long-term. Choose wisely to keep your food fresh without frequent interruptions.

Bag Compatibility

While considering the battery life of your handheld vacuum sealer, don’t overlook the importance of bag compatibility, as it directly impacts the versatility and convenience of your food preservation efforts. Ensure your sealer works with various types of bags, including zipper bags, vacuum seal bags, and particularly reusable bags to minimize waste and save money. Check if it can handle different sizes and capacities for all your food storage needs.

Be mindful of material compatibility too; you’ll want bags that are safe for freezing or suitable for sous vide cooking if that’s part of your routine. Also, some sealers are designed to work exclusively with specific brands’ bags, limiting your options. So, choose a sealer that grants you the flexibility to use a wide range of bags, making your investment go further.

Portability & Size

When choosing a handheld food vacuum sealer, consider the device’s size and weight to ensure it’s easy to handle and fits comfortably in your kitchen space. You’ll want a model that’s compact and portable, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice much room for storage.

A cordless option could offer you greater flexibility, allowing you to seal foods away from power outlets and making it a breeze to use anywhere in your home—or even on the go.

Also, think about what you’ll be sealing. The sealer should be compatible with the size of your bags or containers. If you’re planning to take the sealer on trips or use it for outdoor activities, its portability becomes even more crucial.

Choose one that aligns with your lifestyle for maximum convenience.

Ease of Use

Considering ease of use is crucial when selecting a handheld food vacuum sealer. It ensures you can operate the device quickly and efficiently during food preservation tasks. You’ll want to check for a simple one-touch operation that makes sealing a breeze.

The weight and portability are also key, as you’ll prefer a lightweight tool that’s easy to maneuver. An intuitive design is a must for stress-free use, so look for a vacuum sealer that’s straightforward and user-friendly.

Additionally, make sure battery charging and maintenance aren’t going to be a headache. This ensures longevity and consistent performance. Lastly, seek out a sealer with components that are a cinch to clean, saving you time and effort after use.

Maintenance Requirements

To ensure your handheld food vacuum sealer stays in top condition, regular maintenance is a crucial factor to consider before making your purchase. You’ll need to clean it after each use to keep it running smoothly. Store it properly to avoid damage and check the sealing gaskets periodically; they might need a replacement to maintain a tight seal.

Don’t forget about the battery—ensure it’s charged and ready to go, or have a spare on hand if it’s replaceable. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best care practices.

Accessory Options

Before you commit to a handheld food vacuum sealer, explore the range of accessories available, such as zipper bags, containers, and specialized attachments, to ensure the device meets all your food preservation needs.

Check if it comes with a convenient charging dock or base to keep it powered and neatly stored.

Opt for options that bundle vacuum seal bags and containers to get the most out of your purchase.

Also, consider compatibility with additional accessories like bottle stoppers and mylar bags to tailor your food storage solutions.

Lastly, think about the long haul; ensure you can easily get replacement bags and different sizes to suit a variety of needs without a hassle.

Your sealer should be as versatile as your menu.

Price & Value

When selecting a handheld food vacuum sealer, it’s essential to balance cost against the quality and variety of features to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Don’t just look at the sticker price; consider what comes in the package. Are there extra bags or a useful accessory that adds value?

Check out the warranty too – a longer coverage could save you money in the long run. Always take a moment to read user reviews. They’ll give you a real-world take on whether the investment is worth it.

And don’t forget to factor in the cost of bags and containers over time. These consumables can add up, so a sealer that uses less expensive or more readily available options might offer better value in the long haul.


You’re now equipped with the top handheld vacuum sealers to keep your food tasting fresh for longer. Whether you opt for the convenience of a FoodSaver model, the portability of the Domsanistor, or the eco-friendly Electrolux with reusable bags, your choice will revolutionize your food storage game.

Remember, consider battery life, ease of use, and bag compatibility when making your pick. Invest in one of these game-changers and say goodbye to food waste for good!

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