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And since the FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer is built to be compact, it doesn’t take up tons of counter space when you use it.

The FoodSaver v3240 has a new vertical and ergonomic design that saves a lot of kitchen countertop space. The vacuum sealer also keeps food fresh for the longest time, outperforming many of the traditional packaging techniques by a wide margin and many other similar vacuum sealers. The food stored on the v3240 stays fresh five times longer as compared to that stored on some of the more common ordinary storage methods. You also don’t have to grapple with freeze burn when it comes to the packaging with the v3240 vacuum sealer. It utilizes multi-layer bags that are specially designed for food packaging.


Vertical design saves countertop space large, easy-to-read control buttons roll storage 2 sealing levels 2 vacuum speeds double-wide sealing strip compact size with easy hands-free operation easy-clean antibacterial drip tray accessory port includes one 11 x 10-ft heat-seal roll, 3 quart bags, 2…

Strong Sealing

Unlike those Ziploc bags and other freezer bags on the market, once you seal foods using the FoodSaver V3240, they are sealed up in a virtually airtight bag. That means that oxygen doesn’t get in and wreak havoc on foods that can spoil easily. For example, sealing a steak in a standard freezer bag will allow the steak to keep for about 6 months. But sealing that cut of beef using the FoodSaver V3240 allows the meat to stay edible for up to 2 or 3 years.

The sealer helps you avoid unnecessary wastage by packaging all of your favorite foods which you can then consume at a later date and a time of your choosing.  The length of time over which the food sealed by the v3240 can last is simply amazing.  For example, meat products, game and poultry can be stored for close to three years once they have been sealed by this highly versatile machine. You can store fish for up to 2 years while soups and stews can last up to a year or two years depending on the quality of sealing.

Easy To Use

Using a vacuum sealer may be relatively new to some people, but there’s no worries about the this devices sealing system being difficult to use. It’s designed to be extremely intuitive and user friendly. It’s built with large buttons that are simple to read. And as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for sealing, you’ll be an old pro at using this sealer in no time.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System Features & Details

  • Seals foods to stay fresh up to 5 times longer than traditional storage bags.
  • The buttons are large and easy to read, for simple operation of the sealer.
  • Features two different sealing levels – one for moist foods and one for dry foods.
  • The starter kit that comes with the vacuum includes Heat-Seal bags and FoodSaver rolls.
  • The speed settings:-You can easily set the seal levels on your food whether you are planning to package dry or moist foods.
  • It also has moist and dry food settings which allow you to make adjustments on your seal levels based on the moisture content kinds of foods you are planning to package. This leads to an optimal sealing performance.
  • Has a Roll Storage which holds the FoodSaver Rolls thus ensuring greater convenience when using the product.
  • The sealing strip of the v3240 is extra wide.  This ensures that you can make secure and airtight seals on your food thus contributing to the longevity of the food that passes through this machine.
  • Has a removable dip tray which traps any overflows thus ensuring your sealing process is not as messy.
  • Comes with a hose and accessory ports. There are many accessories which come with the FoodSaver v3240 that you can use to accomplish a variety of functions. The hose allows you to seal the food’s freshness when you are using accessories such as the canisters and containers.
    Provides two sealing levels and you can thus apply this in both dry and moist foods.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design of the v3240 means it can blend in any kitchen. The vertical and ergonomic design occupies less space in the kitchen and simplifies the product usage.
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 18.5 x 9.1 inches

FoodSaver V3240 Customer Reviews

We couldn’t bring this review to an end without mentioning the online reviews from actual customers. With reviews posted from over 130 different people, this food sealer has earned a respectable 4.5 star rating. A few people mentioned that the bags used with this sealer can be a bit more expensive than traditional freezer bags, but that cost is offset by being able to keep foods for longer periods of time – eliminating wasted dollars at the grocery.


If you want to stretch your food budget for all its worth, the FoodSaver V3240 is one food-saving weapon that you’ll definitely want to have in your arsenal. It’s compact, easy to use and allows you to keep foods fresh for much longer periods of time than you may have ever thought was possible.

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