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How To Clean A Vacuum Food Sealer


Because you handle food around it, it is essential that you ensure your vacuum food sealer stays free from harmful bacteria, bugs and germs. So, now I will share a few simple, easy to follow tips that will help you to keep your family safe and your machine working to its best ability.

Make Use Of Medicinal Soaps Or Skin Cleansers.

Believe it or not but you can make use of medicinal soaps or even skin cleansing lotion to clean your vacuum food sealer. This is because these products are gentle cleansers which get rid of germs yet aren’t toxic. Utilizing a chlorine bleach product is not recommended, since you are probably going to be using your equipment to store food for a long period of time so the last thing you want are chemicals leaching onto the food and packaging and making you sick.

Blue Background with Soap, Foam and Rubber Gloves

Basic Precautions

Always unplug the equipment before cleaning especially if using sprays or water and, of course, it goes without saying you dont want to put it into the dishwasher – I have actually heard of people doing that – or immerse it fully in water as, guess what, there are sensitive electronics in there that will get damaged. Instead, use a damp cloth, sponge, or towel in order to clean the surfaces safely.

Colorful dishwasher detergent tablet for dishwashing machine.
Don’t use a dishwasher – please!

Make sure you thoroughly clean the switches, the vacuum tubes and the main surface areas as there are the parts where most of the food debris and juices will collect. Many of these places can also trap airborne dirt and dust as well as germs, which, of course you dont don’t want anywhere near your food.

Rinse Clean

Once you have cleaned all of the components using water and a gentle soap, check each area thoroughly and rinse with clean water if required. This will remove any soap residue that can result in the equipment degrading over time. Keep in mind, never to use too much water. Put just enough on a rag or sponge to wash away any left over detergent.

Flowing water from a modern designer chrome water tap
rinse your vacuum food sealer

After carefully cleaning your vacuum food sealer, it’s time for the next step. Don’t connect the sealer to the mains supply but, instead, use a clean, dry cloth or even a paper hand towel and make sure that the vacuum channel and other internal parts of the machine are completely free from moisture and soap.

I recommend that you then leave it to sit at normal room temperature for around an hour just to be sure any excess moisture is got rid of.

Thats It!

So thats the job done. Now that you’ve got rid of the dust, germs, and particles of food both outside and inside the sealer, you are able to restore it to use. providing you have followed these simple cleaning tips, your vacuum food sealer will be as good as new.

Remember, look after your sealer and it’ll take good care of your food.